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Ep301 is downloading! 

Gifs tomorrow or Saturday! 

Send requests! 

Honesty Hour

I probably wont watch Awkward until tomorrow or Thursday and gifs wont be up until this weekend. 

Dont kill me. 

I’m 3 weeks away from graduating college and have a shit ton to do. Holy crap I’m 21 watching tv shows about 16-17 year olds. :) Love my life! 


Awkward Season 3.

maybe I’ll get on my shit this season

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Dear Awkwarders,

First I apologize for the lack of updates. See, <insert lengthy excuse here> . i know most of you dont care about the reason for lack of updates.   Therefore, I am trying my hardest to get 2.06, 2.07, and 2.08 up by the end of the weekend! But, if i dont make it, please dont kill me.

Again I apologize. Thanks for still believeing in this blog! Loves!


"Quick, act cross faded!"

"Quick, act cross faded!"